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Joan Crawford Icon Challenge [entries|friends|calendar]
A Joan Crawford Icon-making challenge

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intros [Tuesday, Feb. 21/06 - 3:51PM]

[ mood | hopeful ]

helllo people
im going through a joan-obsession period right now and stumbled upon this journal. sad to see the posts have become somewhat...well, non-existant! i cant make icons to save myself but would love to promote this comm and maybe use and cred some of the icons already made....? *puppy dog eyes*
hopefully someone is still watching over the comm and will reply cos i would REALLY love to have some joanie icons :)

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More icons [Sunday, Nov. 6/05 - 12:48AM]

dont fuck with me fellasCollapse )

4 Claimed | Crawford

Final Icons! [Thursday, Nov. 3/05 - 3:06PM]

[ mood | accomplished ]

And here are the remaining icons! comments and credit for any used are appreciated =D

31 - 40

*Glamour Girl Image hosted by Photobucket.com *Framed Image hosted by Photobucket.com More 30's JoanCollapse )

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[Saturday, Oct. 29/05 - 8:53PM]



[Saturday, Oct. 29/05 - 11:16AM]

Quick question...can i promote my icon community here???

More 60's JoanieCollapse )

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Next Icons! [Monday, Oct. 24/05 - 7:06PM]

[ mood | busy ]

Alrighty! More Icons are here, again a credit for any taken is appreciated =)

11 - 20
*Vulnerable in the Dark Image hosted by Photobucket.com *Color Girl Image hosted by Photobucket.comMore 30's JoanCollapse )

The final ones are to come soon!

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60's Joan [Saturday, Oct. 22/05 - 1:30PM]
click for some joanieCollapse )
4 Claimed | Crawford

First of Icons! [Sunday, Oct. 16/05 - 6:11PM]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So here are the first 10, the ones to do with specific themes. It's a good thing I have a lot of photo's to work with lol I also colorize my own photos so I did the icons that are colored there. I would appreciate a credit if any are used =)

*smileImage hosted by Photobucket.com*tearsImage hosted by Photobucket.com
More IconsCollapse )

More to come!

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the rest of my icons [Monday, Oct. 10/05 - 3:33PM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

click for joan-nessCollapse )

2 Claimed | Crawford

20's Joan....about 25 or so [Saturday, Oct. 8/05 - 10:54PM]

I never learned how to spell regretCollapse )

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Hall of Joan! :) [Sunday, Oct. 2/05 - 7:32PM]

Comment here when you've completed your 50 icons of your subject! You'll get a spiffy banner to show off your achievement ^_^
10 Claimed | Crawford

Claim Your Subject!! [Sunday, Oct. 2/05 - 5:19PM]

*Please reply to this post to claim the subject you'd like to make your icons of!

*Check the claims list first to see if your desired subject is open. Subjects are on a first-come, first-served basis, but if your subject is taken, you may comment under the subject "Wish!!" and you will be given priority for when the subject opens up again.

*If for any reason you would like to give your subject up after you've claimed it, please comment here for that as well.

*When requesting your subject, please tell me the subject you would like and the username you will be posting your icons under. Also, if you are not sure if your idea can be claimed, comment here as well and I will let you know.

stars_n_garters: The 1960's~started 10-13-05
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